Rebuilding Services Offered

Typical Grand Piano Rebuilding - Structural

Pin block replacement. Includes new pin block, Repair and finish the sounding board. Bronze the plate and buff all hardware and screws. New bridge cap replacement if needed. Install new strings and tuning pins. Install and regulate new damper felt and polish the damper heads. Felt and regulate Lyre Tune to Concert pitch 6 times in shop.

Typical Grand Action Rebuilding

Replace key bed felt. Install new back check parts. Install new wippen's, shanks/flanges and hammer heads. Replace balance and front rail key bushings. Replace let off button felt. Adjust new parts to factory specifications. Tuning and voicing.

Repairs:Key-easing (for sticky keys), string replacement, hammer and shank repairs, Pedal replacement, new damper felt to remove ringing. CA glue installations to improve tuning tin torque.

Action Regulation and Voicing: Partial or complete regulation adjustment on all moving parts of the piano action to bring piano playability to factory specifications. This could include hammer filing and voicing, felt replacement, action part replacement, and key re bushing.

Humidity Control: I recommend Piano Life Saver Humidity Control Systems by Dampp-Chaser Co. (Hendersonville, NC). I am a certified installer with over 100 installations

Key Top Recovering: Complete key recovering services including installation of new plastic key tops and reinstallation, cleaning and repair of original ivory key tops.

Appraisals: Written reports detailing all aspects of the piano $75 to $ 100 depending on location.